The Top 6 Kindle Covers and Cases


Congratulations, you’re the excited new owner of a Kindle and, the same as the time I got my original Kindle, I’m certain that you can’t wait to park yourself down with it and start reading! And yet have you thought about sheltering your newly purchased purchase using a Kindle cover? The sad thing is, your beautiful new gadget is fairly prone to dings, scrapes and falls.

Critical Note: When selecting any Kindle accessories ensure that they are for your Kindle model

  1. Lighted Leather Kindle Cover

Offered in 7 different colors in genuine pebble-grain leather along with a gentle grey micro suede interior and including an integrated, retractable LED light, these covers will change your Kindle in to an eye-catching accessory along with giving reading light any time you require it. Coming in at 8 1/2 oz (240g) they’re definitely not the lightest case on the market nor the cheapest yet it’s worth the cost to have the inbuilt illumination. On top of that, the light only switches on when pulled out of the cover and doesn’t need new batteries as it draws power via the Kindle itself!

  1. M-Edge Prodigy Leather Kindle Cover

The preeminent cover for stylish on-the-go Kindle users. It does not matter much if you are at a meeting, at the office or working out the Prodigy Jacket offers refined and stylish security for your Kindle. With a Kindle appropriate mounting method together with upper and lower elastic ties, your kindle will be retained firmly in position. Including internal spaces for storage of paperwork, business cards, etc. and full use of all ports although shut this really is one of the greatest cases that can be found. More details.

  1. Duragadget Leather Kindle Case with Stand

Incorporating protection with additional capabilities this case supplies protection from hits and bumps while you’re on the go plus a built in holder allowing you to put your Kindle on a desk, table or another even surface once you get there! The versatile arm permits a variety of angles so that you can create your optimum reading experience.

  1. Waterfield Kindle Ultimate SleeveCase

This case is a superb choice for travelers, being TSA checkpoint safe, so there’s no need to remove your Kindle from its case for security checks. Meaning you can rest easy that although you may still be given a pat-down, your Kindle will be unscathed.

  1. Oberon Leather Cover

If you are hunting for a Kindle case straight from a fantasy realm, then Oberon Design undoubtedly has something for you. All of their covers are hand crafted from leather and pewter and along with their original designs ensure you will never mix up your Kindle with another person’s. So far as individual styles go, these cases are it.

  1. Timbuk2 Kindle Messenger Bag

Ok, this is not exactly a case, yet the Messenger Bag deserves mention. Created especially for the Kindle 2 (also holds the Kindle 3), it’s available in three variations, and it has an abundance of space for all your odds and ends in addition to a waterproof liner.


Hopefully, you have now seen a fantastic case to protect your Kindle and can start some reading! Speaking of, why don’t you go and visit our guide on Where to find free eBooks for Kindle? Or if you are hunting for more ways to accessorize your Kindle, look at our article on the best Kindle accessories. Learn more details at:


Tuck In with a Reliable Kindle

A Kindle reader is only as good as the device it’s loaded on.  If you rely on your reader to help you get through long flights, or turn to it for comfort on those days when the only things between you and your bliss is a cup of coffee and a kindle book, you know howimportant it is to make sure your phone or tablet is in good working order.  Nothing is worse than looking forward to reading the next chapter of a delicious new novel, only to find it loads slowly, freezes or malfunctions just when your flight has been cancelled and you’re Hella bored.  If you’re travelling this holiday season, there’s a good chance you’ll have a cancelled or delayed flight because of the weather or some idiot trying to prove he’s a bad ass.  Make sure your Kindle is on a reliable network, so you can maximize your precious reading time.  It’s the best therapy for the money, and if you want to save more of it along with your sanity, choose a device from Verizon.

Verizon has long been the gold standard of the cell phone industry.  And don’t let that 1% talk fool you.  A 1% difference in carriers is like comparing a dog’s year to a human’s.  There is a difference in other carriers, and no amount of spin can change that.  Get the total package with Verizon.  The best plans, network and deals on the market.  They offer the latest styles in hardware and accessories, plans to fit every budget, and customer service that will work with you until all your questions are answered.  Verizon has even teamed up with Groupon to offer additional savings you won’t get anywhere else.  You can search the mega-site and find promo codes that will unlock savings on Android phones, BOGO 50% off of a Moto Z2 Force, plus free projector with a qualifying purchase, and so much more.  They stock the latest styles of Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Android and Motorola devices so you don’t have to search from site to site to buy a new phone, or upgrade the accessories on the one you currently have.  The offer the power and speed you need to keep your apps and devices powered up and working, and they have been known for their powerful network, reliable service and incredible reach.

So don’t leave home without your Kindle loaded on a new phone from Verizon, so you can have a happy ending to your bedtime story.


buy Kindle


Now to a buy Kindle can be done from different places because it is widely used. Many retail stores have Kindlefor sales. They even make sure that they have different models that buyers can compare and choose from. You can decide to shop in person for your Kindle, or you can decide to shop online as most people do.

Best place to get your Kindle

The well knows aplace to buy your Kindle from is Amazon. They have been into Kindle sales for a long period which has made them the giant of Kindle retail sale. You can use Amazon to compare the different available Kindle models and pick the best for you.

Features of Amazone seller

One awesome feature of Amazon is the customer review section that helps future buyers to know the quality of a product from the experience of previous buyers. Thereview left by buyers will let you know if they have had any issue with the Kindle bought and how many were returned. If you seek to get the best kindleamazon is one of the best place to find so many.

Amazon came out with the Kindle as a way to save the environment. These electronic readers help save thousands if not millions of trees each year. The screen is easy to read and will not produce a glare if out in bright sunshine. The contrast of the ink is superb, and the text is crisp and easy to read. In fact, you will forget that you aren’t even reading a regular book.

Thousands of books to download onto your Kindle

There are now thousands of books which you can download onto your Kindle. Thisis done through something called Whispernet; it allows you to purchase, download and then read your book. You don’t have to worry about downloading from your PC or Smartphone. The Kindle is very user-friendly and works straight out of the box.

Even though you have several choices of where to buy Kindle readers from, most people still prefer to buy them online from Amazon. Their prices just cannot be beaten, and they have extremely fast shipping times too. You won’t have to wait long for your Kindle to be delivered to your front door.

Accessories for kindle

Amazon has available all the accessories which you might need for your Kindle. This includes a variety of covers and USB car chargers. Great if you do lots of traveling. The Kindle covers are great for protecting your Kindle from the elements. But they are also a wonderful way to personalize your Kindle. Covers come in lots of colors and styles there is sure to be one which matches your personality.

Amazon is the best place to go when looking to see where you can buy Kindle devices from. As well they have thousands of available books which you can download. Don’t forget you can get out of print books downloaded for free!

The good thing about looking for a Kindle now is that the prices have dropped and continue to drop. So, if you want to know where to buy Kindle then simply go back to the company that sold them first, Amazon.


Knowing Where to Buy Kindle will get you closer to owning such a lovable device. Just visit Amazon’s Kindle Store, and you’ll be amazed to behold your dream Kindle together with its accessories, and the Kindle books. It is a one-stop-shop for you and anyone else. For more detail:

Nook Vs Kindle – Updated Review – Which Is Best Now?

Nook Vs Kindle - Updated Review - Which Is Best Now

Comparing the Two Newest Versions

As of December of 2010, the newest versions of the Nook and Kindle are available on the market—the Kindle reviews 3rd Generation and Nook with software version 1.5.

Memory Capacity – The Nook still has the ability to expand its memory with an SD card and comes standard with 1,500 books storage. The Kindle 3 comes standard with 3,500 books storage capacity.

Battery Life – The Kindle ekes out the win here with 30-day battery life on one charge with wireless turned off, while the Nook allows for up to 10 days reading time.

Color – Only the Nook has a color navigation screen. Otherwise, both devices rely on E-ink screen technology. The grayscale display causes less eye strain than back-lit devices according to manufacturers.

Two Models – WiFi only and WiFi+3G models are available for the Nook and Kindle now. The WiFi only works anywhere an accessible wireless network is present and the +3G models work where AT&T 3G network coverage is available, thus not needing a wireless network.

Updated Kindle 3

The Kindle 3rd generation is full of new features compared to the older Kindle second generation.

1) Longer battery life – The device now lasts up to 30 days on a single charge with the wireless function turned off.

2) Smaller – The physical design of the device is smaller, lighter, and thinner. click here for more related details.

3) More Memory Capacity – Now the Kindle 3 has the ability to hold 3,500 books, compared to 1,500 books before.

Updated Nook

New Software Update – The new software version 1.5 allows the Nook user to sync reading between different devices (smart phone to eReader to PC for example). “My Shelves” allows for different organization of titles. Lastly, with the software update, the Nook can be password protected. for further related details, click on :

Nook Vs Kindle - Updated Review - Which Is Best Now

Physical Design- The eReader itself is still the same hardware that was released this time last year.

The Big Differences

1) Lending – The Nook allows lending of titles for up to 2 weeks to other Nook users. The Kindle will be following suit in the near future according to Amazon though.

2) International Coverage – The Kindle reviews are the only eReader that allows for International usage (on 3G networks).

3) Text to Speech Feature – The Kindle allows for the reader to change to text to speech and the device will read the book to him or her. The feature is only available if the author allows the rights.

4) Use of EPub Files – Only the Nook allows for usage of EPub files at the moment. Some libraries are adopting the use of digital “EPub” files to lend books digitally. It will be interesting to see Amazon’s reaction to more and more use of the EPub file.

Barnes and Noble released the “Nook Color” and Amazon released the “Kindle 3″for the last few months. But for those purist readers out there, color doesn’t mean a thing. So, which is the best E-ink, no eye strain, long battery life eBook reader out there? It still comes down to the Nook vs. Kindle—they have just been updated a bit.

In conclusion, the Nook vs. Kindle battle is still hotter than ever. The newest Kindle has raised the bar, but the Nook is keeping up with new software updates and further changes in the works.

Nook Vs Kindle 3 – The Ultimate Choice

Nook Vs Kindle 3 – The Ultimate Choice

Kindle 3 and Nook both offers WiFi and WiFi+3G models. They have comparable book libraries with their stores along with loads of free titles. Both Nook and the Kindle provides a black and white E-ink display with 16 gray-scale for reading and is almost the same size with sleek looks. Integrated dictionary and directory organization capabilities are available with both the devices. It can be confusing to choose when you don’t know what exactly you want in your eBook reader.

In Nook and the Kindle are one of the best eBook readers available in the market. There are lots similarities between the two devices and offer some of the best features of an eBook reader. Many people are lining up to buy eBook reader with its popularity and often zero down to Nook vs. Kindle. If you can afford it, you might like to own both the devices but if you are buying just one then I may be able to help you.

Reasons to Buy Kindle 3

  • The use of E-ink latest generation “Pearl” makes Kindle 3 perfect for reading long-form. The contrast is 50% better than Kindle 2 or Nook that uses the first Generation of E-ink. This make a lot of sense to buy Kindle because the whole purpose of an eBook reader is to read eBooks comfortably without eyestrain unlike LCD screen. click here for related information.
  • Kindle 3 is smaller, thinner and lighter than Nook by more than 3 ounces.
  • Kindle 3 gives up to a month of battery life as compared to Nook’s battery life of 5 – 6 days with the wireless turn off.
  • The internal memory of Kindle 3 is 4GB as compared to Nook’s 2GB. With your Kindle you can store up to 3500 eBooks.
  • The Text-to-Speech facility available with Kindle can make the device read books, newspaper, magazine or any other content with the ability to switch back and forth between reading and listening from any spot.
  • Kindle operates on Linux platform and Nook operates on Android platform which makes the later slower to load books and navigating. for related info, visit : Vs Kindle 3 – The Ultimate Choice

Reasons to Buy Nook

  • The separate LCD touch screen to navigate and use virtual keyboard of Barnes & Noble’s Nook is the primary reason for customers to choose Nook over Kindle. It looks more trendy and stylish than Kindle with the touch screen LCD.
  • Nook contains aslot for MicroSD expansion reaching to a 16 GB as an additional capacity storage.
  • The battery was considered a user-replaceable.
  • For file type, Nook support EPUB which are free and open eBook standard by IDPF.

My Choice

Considering the basic purpose of an eBook reader my choice is Kindle 3. Kindle 3 is smaller, thinner, and lighter with better contrast that gives book-page-like experience while reading. This will ensure better experience while reading long-form along with the advantage of longer battery life. Nook is stylish and trendy with the touch screen LCD and there are some cool features like lending books and sharing EPUB formatted books which are not available with Kindle. However, how many of us would actually lend books and share files with others in the long run? I even find the bright LCD touch screen of Nook distracting while reading and it has a negative impact on the battery life.

Nook Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare?

Nook Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare

So, which is a better eBook reader?

It’s going to ultimately come down to preference with the navigation on the eReaders.

3 Big Differences of the Nook – Although the following features are not the only differences between the Nook and Kindle, they are arguably the most important.

  1. Color/Touch Screen Navigation – The Nook has a 3″ color touch navigation screen to surf through your library of books with swiping a finger. The screen also converts to a touch keyboard to help with navigation. Using a web-browser in the window is in beta testing at the moment as well.
  2. Book Lending – The Nook allows lending of titles to friends and family with the Nook app, or Nook itself, for up to 2 weeks. The lender cannot use the material during that time. This is unique to the Nook as the Kindle doesn’t allow this feature. click here for more details
  3. In Store Reading – There’s a new perk for owning the Nook and bringing it to your local Barnes and the Noble Stores, namely one-hour of free reading of any book available in the B&N library.

5 Important Kindle 3 Changes – First, let’s take a look at 5 important ways the new Kindle paper white case is different from the old. for related info, visit : Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare

  1. Improved the Contrast – The screen display shows a darker lettering as well as a lighter background.
  2. Faster and Quieter Page Turns – There’s a 20% improvement in the speed the pages are turned. An important improvement as well is the QUIETER page turns. That has been a downfall of the Kindle 2 or more like a downfall for your spouse trying to sleep next to you reading.
  3. Battery Life – The battery can now last for up to 30 days with one charge. The old Kindle was around 2 weeks.
  4. Memory – Standard memory allows storage of up to 3,500 books now vs. 1,500 books of the old Kindle 2.
  5. Smaller, Lighter, and Thinner – Kindle 3 might keep similar 6″ screen display and it trims any fat other in any ways. It is a 17% lighter compared to Kindle 2.


5 Big Differences of the Kindle 3 – Here are some important differences of the Kindle vs. Nook. There are more differences, hence the higher number.

  1. Push Button Technology – The Kindle has always used simple push-button technology and the newest version is no exception.
  2. More Memory – Although the Nook has expandable memory, the Kindle 3 comes with over double the memory capacity standard.
  3. Battery Life – The battery life of the Kindle on one charge (wireless off) is 30 days. The Nook’s (wireless off) is 10 days.
  4. International Wireless Capability – The Kindle works wirelessly at 3G speed in over 100 countries at the moment. The Nook works within the continental US.
  5. Lower Price – Both the WiFi only and WiFi + 3G are $10 less than the respective models of the Nook.

There is a brief but thorough comparison of the Nook Vs Kindle 3.

The Nook vs Kindle battle has been raging strong for just about a year now. When the Nook was released last year, Amazon had released its 2nd generation Kindle.