Nook Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare?

Nook Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare

So, which is a better eBook reader?

It’s going to ultimately come down to preference with the navigation on the eReaders.

3 Big Differences of the Nook – Although the following features are not the only differences between the Nook and Kindle, they are arguably the most important.

  1. Color/Touch Screen Navigation – The Nook has a 3″ color touch navigation screen to surf through your library of books with swiping a finger. The screen also converts to a touch keyboard to help with navigation. Using a web-browser in the window is in beta testing at the moment as well.
  2. Book Lending – The Nook allows lending of titles to friends and family with the Nook app, or Nook itself, for up to 2 weeks. The lender cannot use the material during that time. This is unique to the Nook as the Kindle doesn’t allow this feature. click here for more details
  3. In Store Reading – There’s a new perk for owning the Nook and bringing it to your local Barnes and the Noble Stores, namely one-hour of free reading of any book available in the B&N library.

5 Important Kindle 3 Changes – First, let’s take a look at 5 important ways the new Kindle paper white case is different from the old. for related info, visit : Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare

  1. Improved the Contrast – The screen display shows a darker lettering as well as a lighter background.
  2. Faster and Quieter Page Turns – There’s a 20% improvement in the speed the pages are turned. An important improvement as well is the QUIETER page turns. That has been a downfall of the Kindle 2 or more like a downfall for your spouse trying to sleep next to you reading.
  3. Battery Life – The battery can now last for up to 30 days with one charge. The old Kindle was around 2 weeks.
  4. Memory – Standard memory allows storage of up to 3,500 books now vs. 1,500 books of the old Kindle 2.
  5. Smaller, Lighter, and Thinner – Kindle 3 might keep similar 6″ screen display and it trims any fat other in any ways. It is a 17% lighter compared to Kindle 2.


5 Big Differences of the Kindle 3 – Here are some important differences of the Kindle vs. Nook. There are more differences, hence the higher number.

  1. Push Button Technology – The Kindle has always used simple push-button technology and the newest version is no exception.
  2. More Memory – Although the Nook has expandable memory, the Kindle 3 comes with over double the memory capacity standard.
  3. Battery Life – The battery life of the Kindle on one charge (wireless off) is 30 days. The Nook’s (wireless off) is 10 days.
  4. International Wireless Capability – The Kindle works wirelessly at 3G speed in over 100 countries at the moment. The Nook works within the continental US.
  5. Lower Price – Both the WiFi only and WiFi + 3G are $10 less than the respective models of the Nook.

There is a brief but thorough comparison of the Nook Vs Kindle 3.

The Nook vs Kindle battle has been raging strong for just about a year now. When the Nook was released last year, Amazon had released its 2nd generation Kindle.