Nook Vs Kindle – Updated Review – Which Is Best Now?

Nook Vs Kindle - Updated Review - Which Is Best Now

Comparing the Two Newest Versions

As of December of 2010, the newest versions of the Nook and Kindle are available on the market—the Kindle reviews 3rd Generation and Nook with software version 1.5.

Memory Capacity – The Nook still has the ability to expand its memory with an SD card and comes standard with 1,500 books storage. The Kindle 3 comes standard with 3,500 books storage capacity.

Battery Life – The Kindle ekes out the win here with 30-day battery life on one charge with wireless turned off, while the Nook allows for up to 10 days reading time.

Color – Only the Nook has a color navigation screen. Otherwise, both devices rely on E-ink screen technology. The grayscale display causes less eye strain than back-lit devices according to manufacturers.

Two Models – WiFi only and WiFi+3G models are available for the Nook and Kindle now. The WiFi only works anywhere an accessible wireless network is present and the +3G models work where AT&T 3G network coverage is available, thus not needing a wireless network.

Updated Kindle 3

The Kindle 3rd generation is full of new features compared to the older Kindle second generation.

1) Longer battery life – The device now lasts up to 30 days on a single charge with the wireless function turned off.

2) Smaller – The physical design of the device is smaller, lighter, and thinner. click here for more related details.

3) More Memory Capacity – Now the Kindle 3 has the ability to hold 3,500 books, compared to 1,500 books before.

Updated Nook

New Software Update – The new software version 1.5 allows the Nook user to sync reading between different devices (smart phone to eReader to PC for example). “My Shelves” allows for different organization of titles. Lastly, with the software update, the Nook can be password protected. for further related details, click on :

Nook Vs Kindle - Updated Review - Which Is Best Now

Physical Design- The eReader itself is still the same hardware that was released this time last year.

The Big Differences

1) Lending – The Nook allows lending of titles for up to 2 weeks to other Nook users. The Kindle will be following suit in the near future according to Amazon though.

2) International Coverage – The Kindle reviews are the only eReader that allows for International usage (on 3G networks).

3) Text to Speech Feature – The Kindle allows for the reader to change to text to speech and the device will read the book to him or her. The feature is only available if the author allows the rights.

4) Use of EPub Files – Only the Nook allows for usage of EPub files at the moment. Some libraries are adopting the use of digital “EPub” files to lend books digitally. It will be interesting to see Amazon’s reaction to more and more use of the EPub file.

Barnes and Noble released the “Nook Color” and Amazon released the “Kindle 3″for the last few months. But for those purist readers out there, color doesn’t mean a thing. So, which is the best E-ink, no eye strain, long battery life eBook reader out there? It still comes down to the Nook vs. Kindle—they have just been updated a bit.

In conclusion, the Nook vs. Kindle battle is still hotter than ever. The newest Kindle has raised the bar, but the Nook is keeping up with new software updates and further changes in the works.