Nook Vs Kindle – Updated Review – Which Is Best Now?

Comparing the Two Newest Versions As of December of 2010, the newest versions of the Nook and Kindle are available on the market—the Kindle reviews 3rd Generation and Nook with software version 1.5. Memory Capacity – The Nook still has the ability to expand its memory with an SD card and comes standard with 1,500 […]

Nook Vs Kindle 3 – The Ultimate Choice

Kindle 3 and Nook both offers WiFi and WiFi+3G models. They have comparable book libraries with their stores along with loads of free titles. Both Nook and the Kindle provides a black and white E-ink display with 16 gray-scale for reading and is almost the same size with sleek looks. Integrated dictionary and directory organization […]

Nook Vs Kindle – How Does the New Kindle 3 Compare?

So, which is a better eBook reader? It’s going to ultimately come down to preference with the navigation on the eReaders. 3 Big Differences of the Nook – Although the following features are not the only differences between the Nook and Kindle, they are arguably the most important. Color/Touch Screen Navigation – The Nook has a 3″ color […]