Tuck In with a Reliable Kindle

A Kindle reader is only as good as the device it’s loaded on.  If you rely on your reader to help you get through long flights, or turn to it for comfort on those days when the only things between you and your bliss is a cup of coffee and a kindle book, you know howimportant it is to make sure your phone or tablet is in good working order.  Nothing is worse than looking forward to reading the next chapter of a delicious new novel, only to find it loads slowly, freezes or malfunctions just when your flight has been cancelled and you’re Hella bored.  If you’re travelling this holiday season, there’s a good chance you’ll have a cancelled or delayed flight because of the weather or some idiot trying to prove he’s a bad ass.  Make sure your Kindle is on a reliable network, so you can maximize your precious reading time.  It’s the best therapy for the money, and if you want to save more of it along with your sanity, choose a device from Verizon.

Verizon has long been the gold standard of the cell phone industry.  And don’t let that 1% talk fool you.  A 1% difference in carriers is like comparing a dog’s year to a human’s.  There is a difference in other carriers, and no amount of spin can change that.  Get the total package with Verizon.  The best plans, network and deals on the market.  They offer the latest styles in hardware and accessories, plans to fit every budget, and customer service that will work with you until all your questions are answered.  Verizon has even teamed up with Groupon to offer additional savings you won’t get anywhere else.  You can search the mega-site and find promo codes that will unlock savings on Android phones, BOGO 50% off of a Moto Z2 Force, plus free projector with a qualifying purchase, and so much more.  They stock the latest styles of Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Android and Motorola devices so you don’t have to search from site to site to buy a new phone, or upgrade the accessories on the one you currently have.  The offer the power and speed you need to keep your apps and devices powered up and working, and they have been known for their powerful network, reliable service and incredible reach.

So don’t leave home without your Kindle loaded on a new phone from Verizon, so you can have a happy ending to your bedtime story.